Site Safety is No Accident

At PJD Engineering, we believe there is nothing more important than the safety of our employees and the people they work with on site.

We are committed to putting safety first by challenging unsafe acts and conditions to prevent accidents. This commitment has resulted in us developing and launching ALTR, Looking out for each other our site safety app.

· ??? – is this the safest way of working?
· ?????? – to your conscience and others
· ????? – about the consequences
· ??????? – to prevent

??? ???? ??? ??? ?????

ATLR empowers workers to be directly involved in site safety the app allows the people to anonymously enter observed unsafe acts using the ALTR stations situated at every PJD site. Management receive reports in real time allowing for a swift, preventative response to the issue.

‘’The development and deployment of the Alta system underlines our commitment to putting safety at the forefront of our business’’ Richard Hornsby, HSE Manager PJD Engineering.